In this section of the site we propose just a few of the many businesses in our portfolio that, thanks to our network, represent an interesting business opportunity for our partners: air conditioned cellars and cosmetic products,  characterized by a common matrix: Italian excellence

Air-conditioned cellars: not the usual refrigerated containers but products that, according to the customer’s needs, meet both functional requirements with a particular technology that allows perfect air conditioning according to the required features, which desirably aesthetic with realization (made ad hoc) Which marry perfectly with any kind of setting.

Cosmetic products: we are in the face of  companies already established on the national territory granted by its peculiarities because its production is based on natural food products and its markets can be transversal including hospitality with courtesy service within Hotel facilities, airports, perfumeries, herbalistries, beauty centers, wellness with natural products and special fragrances. (Wine shower nectar, walnut massage oil, apricot kernel scrub and body scrub, moisturizing cream with buffalo milk, tomato-marigold facial cream, fragrances with different fragrances).
You can also customize lines in “private labels”.